About SacBe

Living and Loving in the Aquarian Age

I have been blessed in this life with the spirit name Prem SacBe Sat Bhagat, which means “One Devoted to the White Path of Love and True Self.”

My mom introduced me to Iyengar yoga when I was a teenager and suffering from a lot of pain related to skating injuries, toxins in the body and not breathing well.  I studied with John Schumacher and Joe Adlesic at Unity Woods for many years and gained a great appreciation for hatha yoga and the precise alignment that lineage brings.

During my twenties I continued practicing and teaching Yoga and moved into a Buddhist/ Taoist/ Confucian practice.  This gave me the opportunity to travel with Masters around the world and take part in very ancient and powerful ceremonies of awakening.  During that time period I became more practically grounded in understand and experiencing Truth as well as beginning to see how Confucian harmony flowers among people.


In 2009, I set out from the temple environment and began studying Kundalini Yoga with Elizabeth Gurumukhji in Washington DC.  I had a strong foundation in spirit and right living, but still did not understand deeply how to work with or control my energy system.  I had suffered for a long time from profound energies being stuck in certain centers in my body and not having the knowledge or ability to get them flowing properly.

My study of Kundalini Yoga gave me exactly what I needed to open up the exploration and mastery of my energetic self.  It also led to learning powerful energy practices, Qi Gong, Reiki, modern Breathwork and a lot more.

When I moved from DC to Orlando in 2012 I fell in love with the beautiful folks at the 729 CommUnity Center and began teaching classes there. For about two years I taught a great little Monday night Kundalini class with a wonderful community of students.  By 2014 I was traveling too much to regularly teach and shifted to primarily teaching in workshop settings, often at festivals or similar type events.

While traveling through Mexico for the 2012 Winter Solstice I received a message to record a Hip Hop album of the Sadhna songs I had learned over the last several years.  The vision said to release the songs as they come, regardless of the production level.  For the year of 2013 I worked on a number of Kundalini Hip Hop songs you can find on my Kundalini Hip Hop music page.

Around the same time we started to have Kirtans at Big Tree and I began to feel like I should focus more on the chanting and singing for a while.  This led to the formation of a Kirtan band called the Holy Seers, composed of myself and three of my soul brothers.  I get such joy from singing and chanting songs of love and joy.

Shortly before my 33rd birthday I started working with the Course in Miracles, which has taken my spiritual life to the deep, subtle and beautiful level that I had only imagined, and yet always knew was possible.  I am deeply grateful for the teachings of J and the way that miracles, forgiveness and certainty of who we are bring a disappearance to the universe of pain and suffering and a lasting entrance into the eternity of heavenly bliss.

These are the times many of us have waited and watched for a long time coming.  I feel blessed to have the teachers, practice and community that I do in order to continue to grow and take part in what is happening right now.