13:20 Time

Daily Time Keeping

13:20 time is the measurement of the 4th dimensional perspective of time, using synchronicity as a base unit of measure for when we are in the right place or state at the right time.  The system combines the solar, lunar, and mayan calendars with human and universal physical, energetic and light body systems.

You can see an example of a 28 day moon in the graphic below:


If you happen to travel with me or find me at workshops I would love to go into more depth on the art and science of modern day time keeping and synchronistic living.  Also check out my site 13:20time.net and the Foundation for the Law of Time.

History’s 13 Baktun Cycle

The Mayan sacred 260 cycle fractically expands to a 5200 year cycle that we’ve completed as of 2013.  The sacred events and periods of history can be seen on synchronistic points throughout the 260 kantuns (cells) that make up the 13 baktuns (columns).

Prem SacBe 13 Baktun Long Count

This further expands to show the larger cycles momma Gaia has gone through, including age of Atlantis and major ice ages.

The Age of Aquarius

As of 2013 we’ve moved into the Age of Aquarius, which transitions us into a higher stage of collective human enlightenment.  This connects with a 26,000 year cycle that we’re moving through from a Golden Age, where our Universe cycles most closely to a superconscious super star to a lower age that we’ve just come out of where humans cycle into a lower level of collective consciousness.

Kali Yuga Procession of the Equinox Cycle

This timeline below shows how the ages of Lumeria and Atlantis, which align with key points during the last precession of the equinox.

Atlantis Lemuria Today History Timeline

It’s exciting that we’re all here incarnated for this time to revive the imprints set before and pull in the galactic frequencies we’re aligned with now.