Meditation to Keep Up with Your Children

Came across this new meditation when browsing through Pink Lotus’ collection of Kundalini Yoga Meditations for Survival.  In the description for the meditation, Yogi Bhajan says something very interesting about the sensitivity of the coming generations:

“The human race is getting into a very mentally sensitive ere. The new generation is nothing but a bunch of vibrations. People are going to become more and more sensitive and not understand why they feel the way they do. 90% of people will go crazy.
“Because of Uranus we are heading towards more sensitive brain activity. The mental mind projection is becoming activated, and controlling and channeling it will be a problem. Out-of-body trips will be almost uncontrollable.
“The children being born and raised now are much more sensitive than we were as children. By the time we are 50-60 years old we will not be able to understand the children at all, the gap will be so wide.”

This ties in with the projections for the awakening of the planet’s noosphere, or collective mental consciousness activated by humans but serving the entire planet.

It is also very apparent in the sensitivities of our little boy Hunter.  He is sooo sensitive!  Lucky for him he will hopefully have exposure and encouragement to pursue practices and paths to help channel and strengthen his ability to harness his sensitivity and not go crazy because of it.

Link to full kriya on >>

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