Salamba Sirsasana – The King Asana

I was inspired yesterday to work on some more hatha style yoga.  While working through a few asanas this morning I ended up going into headstand, Salamba Sirsasana.  I wrote recently about how Yogi Bhajan recommends doing the Sat Nam kriya a few minutes a day if you can do nothing else.  I remember back to my time studying Iyengar yoga and how the headstand pose was referred to as the King Asana (shoulder stand is the queen asana).

Happily surprised that I still had fairly good balance in the middle of the room doing a headstand I began to feel again the great feeling of what happens after the body is inverted for a few minutes and flow of blood begins to reverse in the body.  A great pose and I plan to work inversions back into my daily practice.

From headstand I went into childs pose, then the Sat Nam Kriya.  This time I made sure to set aside some time to finish with savasana before moving into meditation.

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