A Dream of Bringing Light to Dissolve Darkness

I had a dream in the lucid hours of the morning this morning that involved a spirit, or spirits, that I can best relate to the death eaters from Harry Potter.

In the first part of the dream the spirit was in an annex of a house that was dark.  I was outside in the light and as I opened the door and pulled the spirit out with light, it dissolved.  Then I would stop and the spirit would sink back into the room and form again.  House dreams can often represent parts of the body and I think that this represented a dark part of myself that I am beginning to shed light into and dissolve the darkness within.  In Tao cultivation, you often hear the example of cultivation being like brightening a light within a dark room.  This is what I feel the dream was showing me.

There was also a girl by my side in the dream and I am interested to see if my intuition about who it was and what role she plays is correct.  I feel it may be some time before I know due to the radial connection points in knowing about some things.

In the second part of the dream I was in a pool and had been giving flippers, which were letting me swim faster.  There was someone in the pool who was being pulled down in the deep end by one of these same spirits.  Right before I woke up I was helping to put the flippers on this person so they could swim back to the surface.  My intuitive thought on this is that the pool represents the kidneys and the flippers and helping the person to the surface represent my recent efforts of purifying my body.

I think it’s important to note that in both cases, I was not afraid of the spirits, but knew that light would dissolve them.

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