A Kundalini Class to Withstand the Pressure of the Times

When we start with who knows how many minutes of shaking like an earthquake you know it’s going to be an intense class.  And it was.

I really love these Kundalini Yoga classes from Elizabeth, and tonight seemed extra special.  This may be because I have been working on purifying my body and spirit recently, or maybe it was the set, maybe it was the intention.  Either way, it was a great class.

We did a set called Kriya to Withstand the Pressures of the Time that Yogi Bhajan apparently taught when I was 2 years old.  Funny, because I always used to say that was my favorite age 😉

At a certain point during the class, I think the scooping leg part, I had a connection with a recurring set of dreams I have had from an early age that involve the end of times and huge natural disasters.  Over the years I have learned that it is part of my journey to help learn how to stop the effect of these, or at least be in a pure state of meditation through them.  The more I study Kundalini, the more I realize that it is key in learning how to bring maintain a protective field of pure piece that will allow us to move through these times.


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