A Kundalini Kriya for Energy Workers and Healers

This morning I was feeling like I hadn’t done a full set a home in a while so I opted to not attend my normal Saturday morning class and practice from home instead.  After doing my normal Kundalini Warm Up, I choose a set called the Kriya for Purifying the Self, which has the following benefits:

  • This kriya energizes you and helps purify the mind and body.
  • It is an excellent kriya to practice before giving a healing relaxing massage to someone. If you massage people professionally, it can keep your energy together and prevent you from getting drained.
  • Exercise 1 will raise the sexual and digestive energies of the body.
  • Exercise 2 will open the lungs and thyroid.
  • Exercise 3 opens the heart and gives it strength.
  • Exercises 4 and 5 increase healing power in the hands and circulation to the upper body.

When I was doing some energy work recently I felt a desire to study more reiki so I can learn more about how to draw the more energy through my hands.  Of course the next working I find a Kriya set that helps do just that.

Afterwards I did a meditation called The Meditation to Make You Feel Cozy and Contented, which I thought was a good combination with the set above since doesn’t everyone want to feel more cozy and contented after receiving (or doing) energy work?

The only thing I wasn’t sure about was in Yogi Bhajan’s description of the meditation he says that it is one of several meditations for the “Grey Period” of the earth.  I had not heard of this before and am curious what he was referring to.

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