Lots of Breath of Fire

Today I had two sessions of yoga, one in the morning and one before bed.

The morning yoga started with a foot massage, as many of my morning sessions are starting with.  I’m finding that as more feeling returns to my leg I am also getting more cramps.  I often wake in the morning feeling like a foot massage will help things start flowing properly.  From there I did my normal Kundalini warm-up routine followed by savasana and some basic sitting meditation for 11 minutes.

The evening yoga involved lots of breath of fire.  I practiced it lying down for a while, then did a few sets of ego eradicator followed by the cooling breath with a curled tongue, then some more breath of fire, followed by savasana into sleep.

Dream wise, I had a dream that I was in an inner city church that just did not feel right.  I went to two services there during my dream and left during the second one.  Not sure about the meaning of the dream, but have a feeling some clarity will come about it during the day.  The previous night I had a dream about visiting a temple in China I remember visiting once before in a dream a long time ago.  That dream felt much better.

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