Salutations, Kundalini Exploration, and Reiki Meditaiton

This morning I started with a few Iyengar style salutations before moving into my Kundalini practice.  It started with some ego eradicator and another arms above the head kriya to clean the electromagnetic field.  Then I moved on to some spinal flex and then for about 7 minutes I did an exercise that involved moving my torso in circles while moving my hands in prayer pose in the opposite direction.  I did this while chanting along to Sita Ram from Krishna Das’ Live on Earth album.

I continued with some double leg lifts, stretch pose, and then breath of fire with legs at 60%.  After that I did Sat Kriya for 3 minutes followed by 7 minutes of Savasana and 11 minutes of meditating on divine, golden, healing light.  This meditation was inspired by a new book I got for Christmas about Reiki and and the healing powers of Christ, which I read for a bit after the meditation.

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