The power of breath in Tadasana

I returned to my mat this morning after taking the last few days to rest and recover from a nasty stomach virus that spread through the family.  I had full intentions to do my normal Iyengar salutation and triangle series and then move on to my morning Kundalini set, but as I got into each pose, I found myself slowing down.  I found my breath slowing down.

By the time I had completed the last of the triangle set I found myself in Tadasana just breathing.  Studying Kundalini has taught me a lot about how to channel energy and breath up from the base of the spine into the higher chakras, and as I stood there in the pose taking long deep breaths I began to appreciate the depth of breath that can be experienced in Tadasana.  I never moved on to my Kundalini set or meditation, but I was content.  A great peace and insight came while I began to more deeply explore this simple, yet profound pose.

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