Angels and a Union with a Past Self

This evening was an amazing Kundalini class at Yoga House Studio, especially after not having been to a class in a week.

Two amazing insights came during class this evening, one was when we were doing a shoulder shrugging kriya and I began to feel wings shrugging and folding and unfolding behind me and began to move into the state and feeling of an angel.  As I began to enter into this state I began to understand how I have stood before on the edges of the eternal expanse of the universe and felt uncomfortable there – possessing a fear that I would become bored and return to the distracted state of daily consciousness in which we normally live.  As we continued with the class I began to feel that Angels practice Kundalini yoga so they can enter into that expanse with purpose, dedication, and power.

At the end of class we did a meditation sitting crossed legged with our hands in lotus pose barely audibly chanting Wahe Guru.  It was so soft and the meeting of the tongue on the roof of the mouth just so that it sounded like water dripping in a cave.  This sound began to trigger a feeling that I was in a cave, and after some time I began to see an ascetic in that cave walking about.  I wondered what it must be like for this ascetic to devote so much time in this cave to meditation and entering into that divine expanse.  As we continued to chant I wondered what it sounded like for this ascetic to chant this and then I immediately began to hear him chant.

What happened next was a truly amazing personal insight.  I realized that I was this ascetic in a previous life.  It gave so much affirmation to my deep knowing that I had at least once lived that live.  And then I began to become one with him and experience the timeless connection that exists at the higher level of consciousness.  He was me and I was him, both in our own times, but both fully knowing each other.  I admired him for he had many of the same characteristics I do now but much deeper and refined and somber and with the power that came from his life and devotions.

I am logging this experience because I know that it’s power will fade in time from my consciousness.  However, I do pray and I do know that especially with the power of Kundalini yoga this is not the last time transcending experience I will have with my own inner Guru that has existed through all time.

Wahe Guru!


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