Breathing for a Buzz

As I learn more about how to move breath through the body using the locks I have begun to get quite a bit of a high from deep inhalation.  I know that this is not the goal of pranayama, but it sure is a nice added benefit.

I also have found that unless I keep my spine straight (or properly curved) that I have a hard time taking a full breath.  This is nice because it is a natural motivation to keep good posture throughout the day.

It’s funny.  I remember when I used to valet park cars when I was younger, I would often stand out in the cold doing deep breathing while all the other valets stayed inside in the warmth.  It’s a beautiful thing how some of us have to go through the process of relearning things we mastered in previous births.  Even though I had no formal training back then, nor did I even know the word Pranayama, I was still practicing it.

I am very grateful to my teacher Elizabeth Gurumukh for guiding me in my study and practice.  I also have to thank Swami Sadhanananda Giri for his book Kriya Yoga, which I am currently reading and learning a lot from.

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