Shake Like an Earthquake – 20 Hours Worth of Massage

In the Kriya set Pressure to Withstand the Times the first exercise you site in easy pose with your hands up and shake your body vigorously for 15 minutes.  It says that “every muscle and fiber must shake.”

This is a pretty hard kriya, but I think it’s a very important one.  With the intensity of the times, it’s important that our nervous system is super strong and our ability to withstand pressure is equally so.  My teacher, Gurumukh says that when we do this we should move like an earthquake is violently shaking us.  I love that metaphor, although I think a small part of the phrase is not a metaphor.  We should be ready to withstand both physical, energetic, and spiritual earthquakes in the times we live in and the times that are coming.

Plus, Yogi Bhajan says that this exercise is equal to 20 hours worth of massage.  You should try it!

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