Sri Yantra

At the ashram where I do Kundalini in Orlando they have this beautiful yantra painted on the wall.  I have noticed it there for a while and wondered from time to time what it was. It wasn’t until looking online at Flower of Life patterns that I saw this design and came to learn it’s called the Sri Yantra.

The Sri Yantra contains nine interlocking triangles facing either up or down, representing the union of Shiva and Shakti.  It is also referred to as the Sri Chakra or Nava Chakra, meaning nine chakras.  Although it is traditionally drawn flat, it can also be constructed three dimensionally as a pyramid with nine levels.  In this form its called the Maha Meru.

I have just begun my personal exploration of this yantra, but I encourage you to join me or share your experience and understanding.

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