First Kundalini Class at the 729 Community Center

First I have to say a big thank you to the beautiful folks at the 729 Community Center here in Orlando.  They have an amazing house with rooms for healing, readings, meditations, a store, and a beautiful garden.

I was honored when they invited me a couple weeks ago to teach a weekly Kundalini class.

Last night we had our first class and I wanted to post up the set and meditation we did:

  • Warmup – Ego eradicator, Sufi Grinds, Forward Bends, Short Meditation
  • Set: Basic Spinal Flex Series
    It is said about this set that the age of a person is determined by the flexibility of the spine.  In this set all 26 chakras receive a burst of energy.  In particular this creates a wonderful effect due to the increased flow of spinal fluid.
  • Meditation: Meditation for a Calm Heart
    This meditation brings stillness to the heart, the center of prana.  It puts yourself into a receiving mode for love and grace. The pose should bring you great calmness

You can follow along with the meditation below:

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