Book Review: Meditation as Medicine

In this book, author, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, presents an overview of “Medical Meditation,” a clinically prescribed treatment plan of Kundalini Yoga.  Those interested in having Western Scientific proof of many of the specific benefits of Kundalini Yoga will love this book.  Dr. Khalsa gives a thorough explanation of each of the major elements of Medical Meditation: Breath; Posture and Movement; Mantra; Mental Focus; Sadhna and Healing Body Mind and Spirit.  The chakras are also covered in depth over the course of seven chapters.

I liked most about this book the explanations of how the different etherial systems relate to major glands like the pituitary and pineal and how the chakras relate to the major nerve plexus along the spine.  I love that the book covered such a range of diseases and ailments and broke down how and why specific kriyas and meditations along with sadhna alleviated them and restored happy and healthy people.

If you want to convince somebody that meditation does have scientifically recognized and proven healing effects on the body and mind of the practitioner than this book is for you.  I also recommend it for people who want to heal themselves of imbalances in their body, mind or soul.

You can find it here on Amazon: Meditation As Medicine: Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force

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