The Benefits of Squatting to Relieve Yourself

Please pardon the potentially gross nature of this post, however, relieving ourselves is an important aspect of our daily lives and practice.

A month or two ago someone told me that it is healthier for your system to squat down to relieve yourself.  Ever the person to test such things out for myself, I went about a putting this into practice.

Over the course of the first 40 days I noticed a number of benefits:

  • Takes less time to go to the bathroom
  • You can relieve far more in the squatting position than sitting
  • I found I began to digest food faster
  • You stop looking at the bathroom as a place to hang out for a while
  • It engages the muscles of the abdomen, rectum and spine
  • There is an intense and reliving pressure put on the head and brain

Overall this small suggestion turned into a rather life changing experience that I plan to continue.  If you’re like me, and live in the Western world, you have probably only done this when travelling.

If you decide to try this and only have access to traditional western toilets you may have to experiment a bit with your positioning, but it is possible.

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