A Very Meditative Post Hostel in the Forest Class

Last night I got back from a beautiful retreat to the Hostel in the Forest and drove straight to class.  The Spirit of the Forest, if you’ve ever been, has a very special energy that you often have to step down energetically to fully connect with if you’re coming straight from the worldly world.

On the drive home, planning the class with my fellow yogi friend, Amit, I decided that I would do a class that brought the energy of the forest. The class we did was a very receptive and meditative class with the majority of the time in meditation and connecting with the sound current.

Here is what we did:

  1. Lotus mudra and long deep breathing for a few minutes
  2. Kriya to Extend and Fill the Aura
  3. Pavan Pavan meditation for 11 minutes
  4. Basic Pranayama Set (on back)
  5. Relaxation
  6. Shortened Kirtan Kriya

At the end of the class I shared the hidden intention of the class to bring in the energy of the forest and I encouraged them to visit if they had not already (some had).  It was nice to have one of the new students ask again the name of the place.  Hopefully she makes it there soon 🙂

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