A Simple Kriya for Self Love and Healing

After attending a class at Yoga House the other night, something opened in my sinuses and let loose a nice little cold that has been with me for a few days. I asked my teacher, Gurumukh, what she would recommend when you have a soar body and don’t feel like breath of fire would be a good idea.

She suggested a simple kriya that involved oiling and warming up behind the shoulder blades and then sitting in a comfortable position doing deep breathing.  The mudra she suggested along with this was to put the thumb over the ring and little finger and extending up the pointer and middle finger.  Then hold the hands by the side facing forward.

While doing this I repeat love, love, love, love to myself and then health, health, health, health, and then healthy, happy, holy, healthy, happy, holy for 11 minutes.

After this I sat with my hands on my lap feeling a warm and golden energy within and around my body.  Quite beautiful.


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