Illustration of a mayan pyramid with a torus energy field around it

Energy Work and Meditation On Top of the Mayan Pyramids

For the month of December 2012 I had an opportunity to travel through Mexico visiting sacred sites and pyramids in preparation for being at Chichen Itza for the winter solstice.

Meditating and doing energy work / yoga on top of these pyramids was a pretty amazing experience.  I found myself working with channeling energy from above down through the temple then drawing the earth energy up through the pyramid.  Once I had done this I would start doing both at the same time and create a torus with its center at the top of the pyramid.

Once this field was activated I could feel it as an extension of my body.  Then I would just sit still and feel the flow of the energy.  While very powerful it was at the same time interestingly subtle.  At times I would chant during my meditation and could feel the energy current circulate, which was beautiful.

If you ever have the chance to meditate or do energy work at the top of a pyramid I would highly suggest trying this.  The movements came very naturally.  Just remember to tune out anyone else there so you can focus on doing the work 😉  I found that rather than think it was weird most people thought it was pretty special and said they could feel the energy as well.

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