Person doing kundalini yoga lions paw kriya in superimposed in front of a female lion

Jan 7 Kundalini Class at the 729 CommUnity Center

For our first class of 2013 I wanted to do a more traditional style class since a number of my new Orlando friends were coming for the first time.

We started with a little pranayam:

  • 2 min Deep Breathing
  • 2 min Deep Breathing (holding inhale and exhale)
  • 3 min Breath of Fire

Then we did a little warm up, working through the chakras:

  • 2 min Spinal Flex
  • 2 min Sufi Grinds
  • 2 min Side Twists
  • 1 min Shoulder Shrugs
  • 1 min Neck Rolls

Once we were warmed up, we moved on to circulating the energy around our field

  • 2 min Lions Paw above head
  • 2 min Arm Pumps from arms reached out at should level in front of chest to above head
  • 2 min Arm Pumps from arms out stretched to the sides at shoulder level to infront of the chest
  • 1 min Kundalini Triangle lower head up and down from floor
  • 2 min Kundalini Triangle
  • 2 min Childs Pose

Next we did a deep relaxation for ten minutes followed by some deep breathing while still lying down.

We closed with the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation.

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