Reflection on 40 days of Kundalini Cleansing and Habit Breaking (and My Next 40 Days)

A while ago I wrote about starting a 40 day practice that involved the Beginners Cleansing Kriya and the Medical Meditation for Habituation. The other day I finished the set and I have a few reflections:

  1. The cleansing set worked in a very subtle way.
  2. About halfway in I began feeling to considerably lighten my diet.
  3. I realized it’s tricky to do a kriya that involves a lot of lying on your back doing breath of fire at 5 something in the morning when you don’t sleep that much.
  4. I really appreciated the part of the Kriya with the legs spread apart. It helped me open a part of the grion that a lot of men have wound up pretty tight.
  5. The Medical Meditation for Habituation rocks.
  6. At first I becan to notice very clearly when I acted out of habit. I gave myself license to do so, trusting that as the meditation continued I would begin not giving into the habits. It worked.
  7. Some of the habits I had a goal of breaking definitely ended or faded off considerably
  8. I also began to notice a lot of things I do in relation to interacting with other people and speaking my truth that I had not intended. This meditation works across the board of both habits we have awareness of and those we do not.
  9. I am going to extend the meditation to 90 days.
  10. I am changing my kriya to something much more active.

While on a recent trip to Mexico to visit my Shaman Godfather in SacBe, he taught me a series of exercises he said “Keep me alive.” The work with the 13 major articulations of the body (1 neck, 2 shoulders, 2 elbows, 2 wrists, 2 hip joints, 2 knees, 2 ankles) and the twenty fingers and toes. 13 and 20 lie at the root of the sacred Mayan mathmetical and calendric system. The exercise involves moving each articulation a multiple of 13 times. Many of the movements model Kundalini and Hatha exercises. So, I decided to do this as my next 40 day kriya.

Along with it I am also adding in a auric kriya that involves flapping your arms like a big bird for three minutes and then sitting still for one minute.

I any one would like to begin dissolving habitual patterns in their lives I suggest the meditation for habituation.

One Comment on “Reflection on 40 days of Kundalini Cleansing and Habit Breaking (and My Next 40 Days)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am just about to embark on my first 40 days, so I appreciate the positive reinforcement. 🙂 Sat Nam.

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