A Kundalini Class for Having the Energy and Strength Sacrifice – Understanding “I that I am”

Last night at the CommUnity Center we had a great outdoor class ending a little before sundown.  We did two Kriyas: the Basic Spinal Energy Set and the Strength to Sacrifice Kriya.  To end we did the Balancing Mind and Heart Unto Infinity where we chant “So Hung.”


  1. Basic Spinal Energy Kriya
  2. Stength To Sacrifice Kriya
  3. Meditation for Balancing Mind and Heart Unto Infinity

The Teaching

A recurring theme came up through the class of understanding the mantras “I am that I am,” “God and Me, Me and God are One,” and  “Inifinity, I am Thou.”  I talked about how the “I” or “Me” is not the “me” we normally identify with, but the true self, the infinity self, the self that is God.  Often we think of these mantras where we identify God with being the same as the 3, 4 or 5D aspects of ourselves. While true, holding this perspective does not enter into the totality of our being quite as deeply.

We related to the Words of Jesus: “In order to get to the Father you must go through Me.”  Jesus did not identify himself with the human or energetic form when he said “I.”  He referred to his true being, his self that is one with God.  The father and son are one.  When he said that to get to the Father you have to go through Me, he also did not distinguish between “me” being Jesus or “me” being you (or us) since we are all one in the same.

Christians who deeply experience Jesus often describe him as entering into their own body and dwelling there as pure light and love, sometimes with form, sometimes without.  This is when we being to realize and experience ourselves uniting with the higher Christ consciousness.  We can enter into it through Christ, but after a certain point we also come to find we and Christ are completely connected.  Through the Christ experience we also find ourselves experiencing the truth that we are also God.

The meditation at the end works to acclimate different aspects of our self, mind and heart for example, so that vibrate at the same frequency and one doesn’t have trouble keeping up with the other.  On a deep level we can apply this to beginning to unity our identity with the higher “I” that is the Lord.

It was a beautiful class and I truly thank the students who attended.

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