Kundalini Nahbi Kriya - Sacral Chakra Swadhisthana Illustration

Lordy Lord that’s a lot of Leg Lifts! ~ Nahbi Kriya

When looking for some nervous system related kriyas the other day, I came across this post about the Nahbi Kriya on a great Tumblr blog from yogini, Albany Cope.  I love the way she talks about perspective to approaching and doing the kriya: “close your eyes, do your best, and take a walk to the sky!”

I, unlike her, did not go for a full 40 day set or even do for the full time, but I am inspired 🙂  I can definitely feel when density deposits in my feet and something like this pulls it all that right down into the central burner: dan tien.  When I first started doing froggy poses I could barely do twenty seconds without having to stop.  My teacher told me something a kin to I look forward to when you can use your legs or something like that, but I appreciate now her foresight into what was to come in time.

If you feel on the edge of getting angry or cranky or frustrated, I’d suggested knocking this kriya out for at least the minimum time listed.

Download the Kriya to Reset the Navel Point – Nahbi Kriya [pdf]


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