Kriya to Convert Sexual Energy into Spiritual and Increase Ojas

A few days ago I started a 40 day Kriya to convert sexual energy into spiritual.  As I get older and learn more about the true functioning of sexual energy things make a lot more sense about how the body works and how to increase your vital energy in the body.  I want to share two perspectives on the importance of transforming the sexual energy in the body into vital energy that helps sustain and heal the body.

View the full Kriya: kriya-for-sexual-energy-transformation.pdf

From Sadhna Guidelines:

In our culture, we are taught to view sex in terms of pleasure and reproduction. We are not educated in the need for moderation in sex in order to maintain our health and nerve balance. Sexual experience in the correct consciousness can give you the experience of God and bliss, but before that can ever occur you must charge your sexual batteries and possess a real potency. The seminal fluids produced in the male and female contain high concentrations of minerals and elements that are crucial to proper nerve balance and brain functioning.

The sexual fluid is reabsorbed bv the body if it is allowed to mature. lts essence, or ojas, is transported into the spinal fluid. Running your mind without the ojas is like running a car without oil – you wear out quickly. About 90% of your sexual energy is used to repair and rejuvenate the organs of the body. The normal span of potency for a yogi is equal to the length of his life, In the United States, potency wanes even in the early forties. This kriya will generate sexual energy and transmute it into ojas and healing force.

From my friend Natture Onez:

Happiness is mostly determined by what, how much food you eat, and the amount of dopamine, serotonin, adrenalin and hormones you have stored within. For men, the amount of sexual energy (sperm) you are holding and what stage that sperm is in in its evolution within your body determines this.

Stimulants such as coffee, cacao, and sugar pump adrenalin from your adrenal glands. When a man ejaculates his serotonin, dopamine, and hormones all get released and flood through and out of the body. For a man his seed is directly related to his happiness.  [Paraphrased]

  1. Energy is converted automatically but man is constantly hindering the process by engaging in sensual activities. In a pure hearted person the transmutation process happens naturally and efficiently – that’s why the sages put a lot of emphasis on mental purity and virtue.

  2. I have done some experimenting (though not to scientifically rigorous) to try to figure out if any part of this was a placebo effect, or a kind of guilt/psychosomatic thing. My idea was of course that expecting a bad feeling from masturbating would create a mental anxiety that would itself drain your energy.

    I found that to be true for me personally. The negative expectations afterwards and the self-loathing that comes from feeling like you have failed at brahmacharya does, for me, exacerbate all of these negative symptoms. Just imagine, the loss of vital force along with an anxiety about it is not a great combination.

    I will say, though, that when I am watchful I can notice a subtle change that does occur through the loss of prana from seminal emissions and the same for the other side of the coin. I think it is exceedingly subtle, but is real I think. And of course, the yogis have always spoken about this.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts.

    I have just begun to take control of my energy while having pleasures with my wife. Every once in a while my mind will let go and the stimulation will become too much, causing ejaculation. Thankful, because it is my love and we are connected, and of course, she orgasms a few times, my ejaculation does not drain me – it resonant on much deeper levels.

    As for the times I am able to convert the energy, raise it up shall we say, I later have some of the most prolonged experiences of Samadhi. It is really nice.

    Tonight is a different matter. We haven’t had sex for over a month. In coming together tonight, which, while not tantric, is done in a ritualistic and intentional way, I was able to restrain the energy.

    Yea, good for me. I am writing this and then I am going to meditate.

    And yet, for the first time in our practice, I have blue-balls – it hurts.

    That’s what I’m going to meditate on today: those blue-balls.

    Be Blessed Everyone,

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