Teaching the Morning Sadhna Kriya

After traveling for almost a month, it was great to be in town for tonights class at the CommUnity Center.  A huge thanks to Brady for substituting for me, which is now turning into taking over most of the classes for me to accommodate my travel schedule up and down the East Coast and in and out of the country.  Another big thanks to Frank who has started to lead our group sadhna class.

I chose the Kriya for Morning Sadhna for tonight for two reasons.  First, a number of the students have been doing Kundalini for about a year now (some of the other folks for many more years).  So, I wanted folks to experience what is commonly done as a morning wake up Kriya before moving on to meditation, prayer and singing.  I also felt that this would be a perfect Kriya for Frank to lead during the group sadhna classes, even though we do them in the evening instead of in the early hours.  One day!

You can see the full Kriya for Morning Sadhna does a good job warming up the spine and working through the different parts of the body.  When we did the set tonight we focused on pausing and really taking advantage of the time between movements to acclimate ourselves to a strong, more powerful, yet ethereal state.  As we say, it’s often the time in between the exercises that matters most.

Although we didn’t get a full relaxation or meditation in, I’m happy that we got to go through the whole set from start to finish with all the traditionally prescribed times.  When we do the group Sadhna every couple weeks we’ll likely do some variations of this Kriya.  Often people practice a single Kriya for 40 days to really begin to make it their own.  I hope that with the repetition of doing this kriya together in our little community, it will begin to seep into the fabric of our day to day practice.

Sat nam to everyone for coming out tonight and don’t forget to visit the new site Orlando Kundlini.

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