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My Problem with Travel and Sadhna

2013 has seen a lot of travel for me.  In and out of the country, up and down the East Cost, often in one place for no more than a week or two at a time.  Nonetheless I have also had some amazing 40, 90 and 120 day meditations and kriyas.  Yet I have also seen the end of consistent practice while traveling.

The primary causes for breaking this have been crazy hours and staying in public places where an hour of Kundalini would have been pretty inappropriate.  In 2014, I will likely still travel a lot, however, I want to also have a consistent practice for the entire year.  My plan is for a one year Kriya.

To do this I have realized that you have to plan your life around Sadhna.  The 5am (or earlier) wake up needs to be the one line that passes through all days.  Then I must organize all other events based on beginning my Sadhna at this time.  This primarily means that I must be in bed early and night time tasks and hangouts must cease by 10pm, 11pm at the latest.

I will also have to figure out how to find a place to practice.  In my last trip I found myself in a hostel in Norway for a few days.  Of course I could not get up early and practice in the room, and even in the public space would have been tricky.  This means I will have to 1) plan my lodging better and 2) be prepared for practicing in some slightly awkward places.  When all else fails, moving my Sadhna up to before 5am should address

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