Friends at 3HO White Tantra Winter Solstice

Reflections from 2013 White Tantra Winter Solstice

This winter solstice I took a departure from my recent trend of visiting SacBe, Mexico and signed on to do setup crew at the 3HO White Tantra Yoga Winter Solstice, and of course stay for a week of yoga and 3 days of white tantra.  I’m posting up here a few thoughts and memories that are still with me a number of weeks after leaving.

  1. Friends at 3HO White Tantra Winter SolsticeI’m so glad I went early to do setup crew.  It put me in a state of service and helped me make some amazing friends.
  2. In many ways, I had a beautiful introduction to the Gurdwara and felt very called to return.
  3. One example: After performing flute with a group in the Gurdwara, I was asked to sit at the Guru and do(use?) the Chauri. In between songs I had the most beautiful experience of hearing the Guru speak to me.  I would have a thought of how beautiful it was and before the thought fully formed the Guru would tell me loving the same thing.  I felt truly like I was sitting on the lap of a guru most loving and hearing the words of God personified with such love and only the slightest personality.
  4. A number of us came back to the Big Tree House in Orlando and had a most beautiful Christmas Eve sing along and Christmas morning Sadhna, after which they indulged me and let me read from the Sermon on the Mount.
  5. The abundance of the Solstice kitchen moved in to big tree and we now have almond milk, rice and beans to last several moons.

I don’t think that I will go to summer solstice this year, but I hold the winter solstice in a warm place in my heart and will happily go again next year Inshallah.  Thank you to everyone who made the event so special.

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