A Basic Kundalini Yoga Set

A Basic (Butt Kicking) Kundalini Set

Infinity and Me Book on Kundalini YogaFor the last couple weeks I’ve been working on Kriya #1 in the great book Infinity and Me.  It’s called “A Basic Set” and it involves quite a bit of leg and core work as well as some repetitive arm movements.

My last 40 day set left me wanting something a bit more active.  I literally thought, I need to be jumping up and down.  Well, what do you know, this set also includes two minutes of jumping up and down :p

The namesake for the set involves lying on your back and kicking your but for eight minutes.  I often remember doing this in a class with my teacher Gurumukh and her saying sometimes it’s good to give ourselves a kick in the butt, but after we do then that’s it, we stop and keep moving forward.  So, I use the opportunity to give myself a good butt kicking in the morning so I don’t have to beat myself up through the day.

There is a recurring theme of understanding how depression actually works and I really love this quote:

People mistakenly think that depression or negativity is a circumstantial mood or mental attitude, they don’t understand that it is a physical symptom.

A Basic Kundalini Yoga SetThe meditation at the end is also really beautiful and a little unique for Kundalini meditations in that you use affirmations that come to you intuitively rather than repeating specific mantras.  This is one of the sweetest parts of the set for me and I really revel in it when I get there.

If you are going to a summer or winter solstice this year you will sing the mantra Gobinday Mukunday.  This set also includes chanting this mantra mentally for a total of six minutes or so, so it’s a great set to help align your field with this vibration.

If you’d like to follow along with the set, you can download the pdf or buy the book. We did a modified version of this at the CommunityCenter and I’d recommend modifying the times quite a bit if you’re going to teach at a beginners class.

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