12 Basic Sivananda Asanas

Getting Back to the 12 Original Sivananda Asanas

Since starting a Kundalini practice a number of years back, I find that everyone and a while I feel called to fall back into more of a hatha practice.  Recently I decided that my next 40 day practice would not involve a Kundalini Kriya, but rather an asana.  Synchronistically, I came across this page on the Sivananda website showing the 12 basic asanas taught in that lineage.


The set is great and it feels really good to get into doing headstand and shoulder stand again each day.  I find that a few minutes in each pose does me pretty well and helps move and direct energy throughout the body.  I’m still adding on a little Kundalini and pranayam either before or after, but have been enjoying this practice.  There are a huge number of variations for the poses as well that I may begin to explore in the a couple weeks.

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