Kriya for Tolerance Illustration

90 Days of Building Tolerance for Change, Self and Others

Kriya for Tolerance IllustrationIn my last 40 day practice, I focused on the 12 original Sivananda asanas.  The hatha focus was great, but when it came time to set intentions for a new extended meditation period, I knew I wanted to bring a Kriya back into my daily practice.

I needed something powerful that would quickly bring a high and active vibration at a molecular, whole field level.  This would make transitioning to breathwork (I recently started studying with a breath work practitioner) a lot easy and more effective.  From a practical perspective, something on the shorter side would let me make sure I get the set in everyday, as well as give me room to add in a few other tidbits in addition to the kriya.

The Kriya for Tolerance

While flipping through my various Kundalini books, I came accross the Kriya for Tolerance.  This short, powerful Kriya met most of the things I was looking for:

  • It involves working the locks and holding exhale
  • Sat Kriya is second in the set, a great jump start to a day
  • You get to punch in the air for 3 minutes, great anger release
  • You have to belly laugh for a minute 😀
  • Legs and core get good workout w breath of fire
  • 5 part set, 3 min each = 15 min.  “Repeat for good meditation preparation”

In addition to this, the focus of the kriya in dealing with tolerance is so relevant to my hear and now.  So much is shifting so quickly.  I’m able to see through and step out of age old cycles much faster than in the past and I’m gaining a greater appreciation for what other souls must go through, learning to love them more deeply and powerfully without loosing my own oneness.

Meditation for Rebuilding Yourself

Yogi Bhajan says, and I have always believed it to be true, that we have the power to heal ourselves.  If, he says, we sit still and give it, us, ourselves, Grace, etc, enough time.  So for 15 minutes a day, I’m also doing the meditation for rebuilding self that aims to do just that:

  • Give the body time to slow down
  • Let your vibration return to zero point
  • Uses pursed lips inhale through mouth and exhale through nose
  • Breathing as slow as possible (instructed) really assists this process
  • Holding arms up parallel to the ground in front of the throat (right hand a few inches above the left) gets the e/magnetic field on the rise

I have been working with an intention elsewhere in my practice of letting go of any mental, emotional, or etherial constructs not lit and built from light and sitting in this meditation I feel gives that a little time and space to work.

What Does 90 Days Look Like?

Unlike the miss a day and start over approach many Kundalinis take, I’m going long term, live a hundred+ year practice here and see this more as my core practice and focus of study for the next 90 days.  I don’t like to miss more than a day or so though, for I usually notice a drop in my caliber of performance throughout a day.

Of course Sadhna comes served best early and post cold shower.  I find when I’m in the sunny land of Orlando at Big Tree this practice comes most naturally.  In working more with the sun, I have also learned to appreciate high noon practices, especially in the sun.  Right before bed can also be helpful if I’m trying to work with enhanced sleep and dream states.  For the best effect though, I need to get sadhna in before I start my day.

At the time of posting, I am currently about 20 days into the set and have learned quite a lot from this practice as well as seen tremendous change happening in my life.  Very exciting times.


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