Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies

Kriya to Fill the Ten Bodies

I met a wonderful soul, Jah, at Gratilfy this year, who was just coming off an extended practice with the Kriya to Awaken the 10 bodies, which I’ve written about a bit before.  He’s doing some amazing new america living with the land and looking to really bring out his potential with these awesome places and people.  Practicing and sitting with him inspired this kriya, which I’m calling the Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies. The Kriya generates a good amount of energy through the primary meridians and fills the auric field.  You will feel very ready to accomplish to your highest potential after doing and towards the end the kriya channels a lot of creative energy so keep focused and work through all of the obstacles during your day before, while you are doing your sadhna. The inclusion of the Sodarshan Chakra kriya at the end, amongst having many powerful effects, works to balance the teacher body.

The Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies

If you are having trouble viewing the images, please download the Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies pdf.

  1. Sit in easy pose, arms out to side palms facing out, away from you, perpendicular to the ground.  This activates several of the main meridians. Breath of Fire.  See your nadis as luminous beams of light.  Tune in to your intention to fulfill your highest potential, which is boundless and eternal. 9 Min
  2. Lions Paw.  Arms by side, hands facing up, tighten fingers as if claws.  Raise arms up above head, crisscrossing them, keeping claws tight.  Lower back down to shoulder level.  Go quickly. Tune into the spirit of both the mother and father lion.  Clears akashic field.   3 Min
  3. Sat Kriya. 3 Min
  4. Relax on back 5 Min
  5. a) Raise feet to 15 degrees.  Hold body tight.  Use and generate strength.  Breath of Fire.  The following Kriyas help to strengthen the central nadis and your core.  This increases your ability to hunker down, get things down, and plow through.  Relearn how you process the feelings in the belly area that these poses create.  Continually make micro adjustments to the muscles and channels in the legs to remove toxins and increase strength.  Apply (root and) neck lock to draw some of the energy up from the belly into the brainstem and brain. 1-3 Min b) Raise feet to 30 degrees, continue. 1-3 Min c) Raise feet to 60 degrees, continue. 1-3 Min d) Raise feet to 90 degrees, continue. 1-3 Min
  6. Shoulder stand. Breath of Fire. Create a strong neck lock.  Lift the body high.  1 Min
  7. Should stand, scissor kick.  Breath of Fire.  Use this opportunity to move the energy in your lower sphere in ways that you don’t when you’re standing or sitting. 2 Min
  8. Move from lying on the back to plow pose.  Move so you massage the entire spine, neck, back and legs.  Let the legs flop when you come onto your back.  This creates a slightly jarring effect that helps stir and release the energy out of legs and feet.
  9. Roll on the back from your neck up to a sitting position.  Roll 12 times back and forth and on the 13th come into a comfortable crossed legged position and hold the breath.
  10. Sitting comfortably, place hands in prayer position with a tremendous amount of pressure.  Stay focused and keep up the pressure.  Chant Har.  See your nadis as pure light. Tune in to your 10 bodies. 5 Min
  11. With right hand above the left, lock the hands together in bear grip and pull apart with tremendous force.  Chant Har.  Fill your bodies and being with light and creative power and strength. 5 Min
  12. Round arms into a circle above the head, placing palms facing down, one on top of the other.  Breath in slow through the nose and out slow and smooth through the mouth.  Breath as slow as possible, smoothing out the nadis and flow within the 10 bodies.  Become one with Infinity. 3-9 Min
  13. Relax
  14. Sodarshan chakra meditation.  Read more about this powerful meditation here.

Blessing and best wishes for those who choose to work with this Kriya and thank you again to my brother Jah for the inspiration! Satnam!

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