Prosperity Meditation Kundalini Yoga - Prem SacBe Sat Bhagat

Understanding and Meditating on Prosperity

Prosperity Meditation Kundalini Yoga - Prem SacBe Sat BhagatAs my maiden voyage to motherland Indian comes to a close I have wanted to keep the elevating energy that has built and become refined internally within me.  Of the many meditations I have done while here, a particular meditation on prosperity really brought enjoyment and called me to do it for an extended period.  In searching around online for it later I came across a different meditation on prosperity that also called to me and I started working with instead (I hope to also find, at the right time, the original one I had done while here).  The meditation that came to me was a Meditation to Bring Prosperity into Your Life.

The first thing I really liked when reading about this meditation was how Yogi Bhajan spoke about prosperity:

Prosperity doesn’t mean that you have wealth, health, and happiness. The best way to explain prosperity is that when a rosebud flowers and opens up, it has its fragrance. When a man or a woman is prosperous, there is that fragrance of security, grace, depth, character, and truthfulness, which that person can share. Like a candle emits light, a prosperous human emits prosperity.

I resonate with this because although I entered this meditation with an intention to bring material wealth and abundance into my life and the communities I am a part of, I know that it is only through union with God and His ever flowing expression of Love that true prosperity comes.  As I grow businesses and my life influence, I want to grow them in a way that aligns with this principle.  The following meditation, I believe, will help in that regard.

If you feel this as well, I encourage you to try this meditation as well for 40 or 90 days.

The meditation involves three parts, each fairly short, although the total meditation can be brought up to 62 minutes, which sounds wonderful 🙂  The first component involves the left hand over the belly and the right hand by the side, palm and fingers extended, as if taking an oath.  The second component involves holding palms apart, finger tips together in a pyramid like mudra in front of the heart center while whistling tantra style to an old version of Ardas Bhaee.  The final part, which I love, is arms straight out to the side left palm down and right up balancing heaven and earth and meditating on your own purity and it’s key in your prosperity while holding the breath.

Throughout the comments on the meditation, Yogi Bhajan says some really beautiful things. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the comments:

Just be you. Be you—calm, quiet, graceful, clean, gracious and self-serving. Be you and be selfish for your own purity and piety.

Technically speaking, the calmer you sit, the deeper you breathe, the more you will experience a change you have never felt before.

 Let the breath of life enrich you. Let it give you a place within yourself where you can see your God, which is keeping you alive.

Give yourself a chance to heal yourself totally

With great kindness to your Self, consider: “It is me and my purity that will give me health, wealth and happiness.

Meditate on the thought that you are pure; you are perfect; you are the will of God; you are divine… create that image of yourself

You have unilimited reserve energy. When you invoke your energy, there’s nothing that is small in you and all the environments start flying towards you. It’s beautiful. It is a way of life.

On a personal path level, sitting in the stillness this meditation creates connects me deeply with the lessons and experience I am having working with the Course in Miracles.  It also aligns with a Kundalini Prescription I recently gave to a dear friend of mine that involved moving deeply into the stillness of breathlessness.  He in turn gave me one involving moving deep into trust in my path with God and the depth of breath.  For all of these connections and this Meditation to Bring Prosperity into Your Life, I am grateful.

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