Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger

Getting Rid of Anger with This Kundalini Yoga Kriya

Back in November I set out on an ambitious project that involved trying to do a year’s worth of work in just a few moons.  It severely backfired.  When I finally realized this I was suffering from a lot of built up anger and frustration and was so grateful to find this Kriya to “Relieve Inner Anger” from Owner’s Manual for the Human Body.


The Kriya does a lot to remove toxins that because of their density settle in the lower limbs.  It also gives you ample opportunity to “Get Your Anger Out” by pounding the ground while lying on your back with your legs at 90 degrees.

Now that I am a couple of weeks in to the 40 day kriya, my life is back to it’s vibrant state where I’m happy and excelling in life again.  It brings me such joy to have achieved this simply through Kundalini Yoga, a Happy, Healthy, Holy Lifestyle (and of course my readings of A Course of Love).

My family kept telling me there was no way I was going to recover without medication and western therapy.  Oh how I enjoy proving them wrong!  Them, along with anyone else who says medication for emotional issues is necessary.

If you are struggling with inner anger, you might not even know it.  Here is what Yogiji says about Inner Anger:

When the inverted anger becomes part of the body, the simple effect is that you absolutely no relationship with your Self..


Kriya to Relieve Inner AngerInferiority complex or superiority complex are a cover-up of inner anger.  Manipulation and lying is part of inner anger.  Not being self-sustaining or having a foundation to work is out is an inner anger.  All skin diseases are inner anger.  Misbehavior, wrong calculation, self-descruction, destroying the business, destroying the relationship are all inner anger…


On the other hand, anger comes from the place of the Agaan Granthi.  It is the area of the heart and it is the blood, it is the circulation, it is the diaphragm, it is the heart pumping.  Blah, blah. The whole life depends on it.


So it is the center of the heart, it is the furnace.  Either it can cook for you or it can burn down your house and there is nothing in between.  That is the tragedy of it.

In these time, there is certainly truth that if you are not deepening your connection to Self you are likely getting swept away in the wrong direction by a lot of external influences.  However, remember there is no such thing as an external influences, it is all you.  You have the Power!

I encourage folks who are looking to release their anger to try this Kriya for 40 days.  It will work, and that is the beauty of Kundalini technology.

Sat Nam

  1. Wow – this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I’ve had this kriya on my list for some time and I’m really looking forward to a 40-day sadhana. Sat Nam, Aleya

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, I’m now 20+ days in and decided to extend to 90 days 🙂 Definitely getting easier and deeper and better 🙂 You will enjoy (eventually ;))!

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