Kundalini Dream / Astral Body

Becoming a Ghost (in Dream)

Kundalini Dream / Astral BodyI have often heard that when you die in a dream you wake up.  Well, last night I was shot in a dream and did not wake up.  I became a ghost.

It was quite a powerful experience.  I still had a form (to myself) and I could touch others and they could, to different degrees sense my presence, but they could not see me.  I went to my father and told him things I never had in life and I could see other people processing my death around me.  It was really powerful and made me realize that many people never get to wrap up or close out their earthly lives the way they want, they simply end and opportunities are lost.

This will hopefully inspire me to be more loving, caring and expressive of these feelings towards others.  However, the dream also had another powerful effect.

I was able to move through walls and travel long distances and I remember the feeling of being thrilled that I could finally do these things.  I remember vividly seeing the composition of the interior of solid stone walls as I moved through them.  I have always wanted to be able to do these things consciously, even if just with my dream body.

So, in this dream, I believe, someone was also helping me finally have the experience of navigating the dream body through walls, it just took the shock of experiencing death to be able to convince me I could do so.

There is something that I can not yet describe to propelling the dream body, an effort of sort that I believe this was helping me work with.  It did not come completely naturally in the dream and I remember still needing to “let go” a bit in order to navigate or use some sort of internal propulsion different from navigating the waking body.

Ironically, a few hours before I went to sleep, I responded to a Tweet from an old colleague of mine who saw me in a dream the night before.  I responded that my dream body does get around:

This is the second or third time recently that someone has thought of me and seen me in a dream or they have thought of me and then I see them in a dream.  I believe this is actually quite common for many people, but as I begin to cultivate the Spacious Body, as J would call it in A Course of Love, I feel becoming more in tune and capable of my dream body or astral body will be an important part of this.

I remember reading about a more modern Greek Saint who would often come collect his disciples in dreams and they could all recount independently and verify the following day what happened in the dream.  When I was traveling with Taoist Masters I often had the experience of being present to ceremonies and teachings with ascended Masters present.

Another interesting part of the dream was that I woke up at a certain point.  I believe it was around the time when I was visiting my sister in bed and telling her how much I loved her (and missed her).  The emotion became so overwhelming that I woke up.

It was quite a relief to find that I had not actually died and left this world, but a part of me was a little sad I still did not have the capability to travel and move about in a non corporeal form.

When I fell back asleep I surprisingly remembered what had happened.   Although I was not lucid that I was sleeping, I began trying to test and practice if I could move in such a fashion again.

I would like to set the intention that while I still remain in a body in this life that I am also able to go deeper into the state of navigating and spreading love and peace through my astral body (either while awake or sleeping).

This dream was such a profound experience that I felt I needed to put it in writing.

Blessings to all of you who find peace and love in the ability to travel in this way, and let us all be more expressive of loving feelings towards our family and those close to us.  Let us also remember, that beings in astral forms are all around us and present.  When we feel their presence they are there.

During a certain part of the dream I found a person who could actually see me and what I was doing.  Even as I write this, I can feel a presence over my left shoulder nodding affirmation to me writing and sharing this.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om, may all beings know Peace, may all beings know Love.

May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings awaken to
the light of their true nature.
May all beings be free.
– Metta Prayer

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