I Don't Believe in Miracles, I Rely on Them Quote from Yogi Bhajan

I Do Not Believe in Miracles, I Rely on Them – My Resolution Coming To Life

I Don't Believe in Miracles, I Rely on Them Quote from Yogi BhajanLast year on New Years Eve, I sat at a table of family where we took turns sharing our New Years Resolution.  For me, it was to no longer believe in Miracles, but to rely on them.  This in large part came from my working with A Course of Miracles, and of just wanting to go deeper into experiencing the power of this wonderful quote I have had on my alter from some time.

Well, as another famous saying goes, careful what you wish for, because it will come to you.  And wow has this quote come into my life.

For most of my life I have worked a full time job teaching and run other businesses and projects on the side.  This last year I have been entirely self employed, pursuing my own projects.  This is something I have wanted to do for many years, but felt a mixture of fear and not being so sure it’s entirely what I want to do.  However, although it has been extremely difficult, I have absolutely loved the freedom it has brought to my daily practice of pursuing a spiritual life and happy relationship.

I didn’t realize how much this quote from Yogi Bhajan had become true in my own life.  From how we will pay rent, to how I will get through an argument with my partner, I return again and again to praying for a Miracle.  And time and time again the Miracle comes in perfect time, usually instantaneously.

I encourage more of us to step into a life where we rely on Miracles rather than believe in them.  A Miracle is when we accept that there is another way besides “our own” and then we let it in to change the direction of our Life.  This other way is the way of Spirit, the Way of God.  When we call or pray for a Miracle we are accepting that there is another way that we do not see, one with Love as its source.  One that will move us and those around us through all seeming obstacles.

Let us pray for Miracles in our Life and let us be open to them when they come.  For no call for a Miracle goes unanswered.  But, we must be as open to calling for Miracles as we are to receiving them and going along with them when they come.

Miracles bring a softening of the heart.  Miracles bring an opening of our perspective.  Miracles bring a release of fear and usher in forgiveness.  The beautiful thing about Miracles is that even when we are in a place where we do not even want to be happy or we do not want to open our heart, we can still ask for a Miracle.  Part of the Miracle is that it brings happiness along with it in a way that we can accept, in a way that opens our heart without hurting us.

Of course, I write this as much for myself as for anyone else reading it.  But I can also share that setting this goal as my New Years Resolution has brought a life that I have only ever imagined in the past.  I am so grateful, so I share with you encouragement to call in your own Miracles.  The step further into the path the Miracle Worker that you are.  For Lordy Lord does the world need it right now 🙂

With Light and Love,

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