The Connection Between Jesus Christ, Ascension and the Blue Avians

I wrote previously about Gaia (formerly Gaiam TV), the Spiritual Netflix with tons of original programming relating to health, wellness, yoga, ascension and disclosure.

One of the recent episodes from the show Cosmic Disclosure featured some amazing information I had to write about in relation to the history of Ascension on Earth, Blue Avians in Art, and the connection with Jesus Christ.

Blue Spheres, Sphere Beings and Blue Avians Today

Blue AviansThe first thing to mention is that Sphere Beings have entered our solar system recently in a new regard to help with the transition of our planetary alignment in the cosmos, both physically and spiritually.

One of the groups in the Sphere Beings are the Blue Avians, a blue, feathered humanoid being who travel in blue spheres and bring a message of “Be more forgiving to your Self, others, live more in service to others, and raise your vibration through your food and thoughts.”

The show Cosmic Disclosure goes into a lot of depth about this group and you can watch the first two episodes for free.  I suggest you do if it interests you.

However, in one of the latest Cosmic Disclosure episodes (as of this post) is about Blue Avians and Spheres in Ancient Art.

Blue Avians and Spheres in Ancient Art

The history of Blue Avians playing a role in human ascension can be easily traced back to Ancient Egypt.  In the episode “Cosmic Disclosure: Blue Avians & Spheres in Ancient Art (June 2016),” art and ascension historian, William Henry, brings some of this evidence to light.

Henry talks about how Christianity is basically the new Egyptian religion.  A number of Christians may take issue with this statement, but if we open our hearts and minds to the historical evidence as well as the similarities in teachings, the connection is clear.

In the art presented in the episode, Henry shows how from the Ancient images of Horus, we often see Horus in blue or in a blue sphere.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.26.12 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.26.31 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.27.37 AM

This is a direct connection to the Blue Sphere’s that Corey Goode talks about traveling inside of in connection with the Sphere Being Alliance.

In Ancient Egypt, the sphere represented a portal as well, a way of traveling through the stars and eternity and Heaven.

The teaching so Horus are those of compassion, forgiveness, ascension and resurrection.  The same as Jesus Christ centuries later.  There are Egyptian Christians who claim today to have a truer history of Christianity and Jesus than the one most main stream Christians and been fed or believe.

Blue Spheres and Blue Winged Beings in Christian Art

Henry then goes on to show Christian Art, often commissioned by keepers of Ancient mystical Christian knowledge that was purposely hidden in plane sight in the art they commissioned.  Goode, Wilcock and Henry talk about how Christ spoke in parables to the public but often disclosed deeper information to his initiates.  This information has been passed down through the centuries through various more mystical groups.

In the images above you can clearly see how there is a Blue portal around Christ and in the details there are blue, winged beings.  While this may seem as a synchronicity or coincidence to some, these images were purposely put into the painting by people who knew more of the secret or hidden teachings associated with Christ, Ascension and Resurrection.

I encourage you to watch the episode for more of the discussion.  One of the great things they mention is something you hear about images of great Yogis.  Images are alive and can convey spiritual teachings when the viewer tunes into them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.07.01 AM.png


The Blue Pearl Meditation of Swami Muktananda

Picture-Of-Muktananda-JiOne of the things that really surprised me in the episode was to hear some of the stories about the great Yogi, Swami Muktananda.

Swami Muktananda taught that one of the most advanced meditations you could do was to raise your vibratory level to such a degree that you could attract these blue spheres to you and that they would impart wisdom, or even better expand so that a teacher could come through them or you could enter into them and travel.

This really amazed me and correlates to some of the teachings from Jesus in a Course in Miracles where you practice stepping into and traveling into the light you can picture in front of you.

I am definitely intrigued by this and plan to start incorporating this into my meditation.

I found an initial reading on you can explore here.

… the Blue Pearl [is] the subtlest covering of the individual soul….

When we see this tiny blue light in meditation,
we should understand that we are seeing the form of the inner Self.
To experience this is the goal of human life.

[The Blue Pearl] is tiny, but it contains all the different planes of existence.

– Swami Muktananda


The blue dot, which we call the Blue Pearl, dwells in the sahasrara, the spiritual center in the crown of the head. It is the body of the Self. All consciousness is contained in it. All of the dynamism of the breathing process comes from the Blue Pearl. When that light enters the body, the rhythm of breathing begins. When it departs from the body, consciousness departs from the bloodstream, the nerves and the lungs, leaving everything limp and lifeless. “Death” is simply the name we give to the departure of the Blue Pearl from the body.

– Swami Muktananda

As a Yogi and Meditator this information really touched me deeply and excited me!  There is a really cool story from Wilcock in the episode as well about a Muktananda devotee experiencing the blue pearl bliss.

Connecting it All to Today

I truly believe that we are in amazing times today, the times many of us have prayed for an been preparing for for eons.  In my life thus far I have reconnected with many soul family members in my cosmic tribe of travelers.

One of the great synchronicities I got from this episode was my connection to on particular Kin who recognized that we come from the Bird Clan.  When Henry mentioned this phrasing in the video it gave me great joy for who I am and where we are today.

Let us redouble and triple our release into Grace and Ascension.  Now is less a time of striving than it is of letting go and realizing the perfection that underlies all of the struggles we have created.

So many blessings to all of your who will read this and find your own connections and bliss through Union.

Amen, Aho, Hallelujah.  Love is


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