My favorite supplements

My 3 Favorite Suppliments

As many of us know, it is tough to get all of the minerals, vitamins, probiotics, etc that we need from our food.  For this reason I would like to share my three favorite supplements for health.

Note: I do not gain financially from any of the links to these products, but do encourage you purchase directly from the companies who produce them.

90 for Life – Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0

Tangy TangerineOur body needs about 90 different minerals, vitamins, amino building blocks, etc to function properly.  The great thing about this supplement is that it offers all of these nutrients in a balanced amount.

I would suggest you listen to this Interview with Dr. Joel Wallach who developed this formula.

My son and I have been using this for some time and it is a great pick you up as well as a one stop stop for all of your vitamins.

Don’t let the packaging fool you, everything is super high quality and GMO free.

You can purchase it from the Youngevity website.


Doc Broc’s Super Greens

Cod Broc's Super GreensI love a number of different green’s powder (like Vitamineral Green).  The reason I love Doc Broc’s Super Greens because of its PH effect.

We all know the importance of keeping our body alkalized, and this supplement is my favorite way to do this.

All of the ingredients are GMO free, farm grown by the people who make the supplement.

It is also definitely worth listening to this interview with Dr. Robert Young, who makes this product.

The site is currently down, but you can purchase this product on the pHMiracle site here.


Mega Hydrate and Crystal Energy

Mega Hydrate and Crystal EnergyI have been a long time fan of Patrick Flanagan, reincarnation of Nikola Tesla.  One of Flanagan’s works in this life has been working with water.

This is actually two supplements, but they work together to lower the surface tension in water and help it absorb better into the body.  When we drink most water, even good filtered water, it is often structured in a way that it cannot be absorbed easily into cell walls.

I have been using this product for quite a while and highly recommend it.  You can drink much more water and not get the feeling of it sinking and sitting in your belly.  It gets absorbed much faster into the body and helps with hydration.

There are some great talks from Flanagan, here is him doing an experiment showing how Crystal Energy works.

highly recommend these products and you can buy them from his website here.


Wishing You the Best of Health

It is very important for us to work to increase our vibration through our food and thoughts.  These are three products that I firmly believe helps with this.

May you be happy, healthy and holy!

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