Introducing FREE Weekly Office Yoga!

I have not formally taught Yoga in a while.  Since my time teaching at the lovely CommUnity Center in Orlando to teaching at festivals and gatherings, my Yoga practice has been a personal practice.

However, in my professional work teaching Web Development and WordPress I have met a lot of people who are interested in getting into Yoga.  In hopes to further integrate my own life as well as hopefully help more people go deeper into practices like Yoga, healthy living and spirituality, I have finally launched

Free Weekly Office Yoga on

On this site I offer a free weekly office yoga class with an archive of past episodes.  Originally I intended to do 50 minute classes, but folks have requested something more in the 20 minute range.

This is not your normal office yoga 🙂  I am trying to make it accessible for folks of all ages, ranges of flexibility, and interest.  But I am also introducing a lot of practices gleamed from advanced breathwork, qi gong, Kundalini Yoga, a Course in Miracles, and several other modalities.

My goal in each session is to offer a series Stretching, Breathing and Meditation exercises that create a tangible, improved experience.  Each session is different, but I will repeat certain exercises at times that I think are easy and great to do on a regular basis. has come forward to sponsor the show.  I found out from a discussion with their founded that they started with a vision to help people share things like healing modalities.  Crowdcast lets folks get reminders of the next live sessions, lets me stream to YouTube and Facebook, and gives us tools for Q&A after the sessions.

Please checkout the weekly office yoga and past episode archives at

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