H202 Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - One Minute Cure

Tips on H202 Therapy

Last year I finally tried H202 Therapy as prescribed in the book, The 1 Minute Cure. I had known about the treatment for a while, but it was Gary Renard’s spiritual book, Love Has Forgotten No One, that convinced me to try it.

H202, or Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, is one of the most cost effective ways to oxygenate the blood stream to prevent and cure a range of diseases. I also found it produced tons of energy.

Today I am happily starting up the regimen again and wanted to share a few tips from my last time around.

First, Read The 1 Minute Cure

The One-Minute Cure - Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases is, as far as I know, the authoritative publication and guidebook on H202 therapy. The book gives an overview of all the ways that H202 can help treat and prevent diseases.

It then breaks down different types of oxygen therapies as well as the different types of hydrogen peroxide.

The basic principal of H202 and all Oxygen Therapy is that increased oxygen facilitates health and healing.

This book is absolutely essential, and a quick read. So, please start with reading the book in its entirety before proceeding.

Only use 35% Food Grade H202 diluted according to the chart in the book. Do not use off-the-shelf hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds. They are not the same thing! This is similar to how you cannot drink rubbing alcohol but may drink wine.

There is one chart in particular that outlines how many days you should take the treatment for and how many drops you should dilute each day.

Basically, you start with 3 drops diluted in 8 ounces of water 3 times a day. Each day you add one drop and build up to 24 drops diluted in 8 ounces of water 3 times a day. Then finally progress back down to 3 drops diluted 3 times a day.

There are also some suggestions for prolonged use.

Next, Get your H202 & Distilled Water

Food Grade H202 35%

Remember, you have to use a specific type of hydrogen peroxide: 35% food grade H202 that is diluted according to the specifications in the book.

I ordered mine here, from the author’s website, however, you can also get here on Amazon. I like this setup because it includes a dark glass dropper you will need for diluting the H202.

The other part of the treatment involves distilled water, in which you dilute the H202. One of the biggest challenges of this treatment for me last time around was making sure I didn’t run out of distilled water. So I suggest you stock up ahead of time.

Some General Tips & Reflections

As I begin this treatment again, a few notes come to mind that I believe are helpful for anyone trying this:

  1. Remember why you are doing this – for increased health and oxygenation of the body
  2. Eat healthy! This treatment is far more effective if you can stick to clean, healthy, organic foods during the treatment.
  3. Do not overeat – Having too much food in the system interferes with the treatment and should be avoided.
  4. If You Throw Up (Or Cough Blood) – You should look at what you have been eating and how much of it. You want to have a truly empty stomach when you take the doses. I did cough up a tiny bit of blood one time after over eating spicy food. I was a little scared but fine.
  5. Get a Glass Mason Jar – These are great because they let you measure how much distilled water you have. I also got really nervous about using plastics or cheap disposable cups with the H202 in high concentrations. It’s probably fine though.
  6. Stock Up on Distilled Water – Although I have super clean, filtered water at home, the treatment requires distilled water. I never messed with this. But I did miss some treatments because I ran out of distilled water, so stock up ahead of time!
  7. Discern Who You Tell – I found that sharing this treatment with certain people brought out a lot of fear, misinformation and judgement. So, I would suggest sharing your treatment with people who understand the science and offer support rather than fear and judgment.
  8. Plan Around Eating Out – You may likely have to attend a social event or eat out with family or friends during the treatment. If this is the case, do your best to plan ahead of time when you will take the H202 and when you can eat again.
  9. Follow the Regimen – I can’t say this one enough. It worries me when people think they know what they’re doing and start drinking H202 on their own. This is very dangerous and I encourage you to follow the exact regimen as outlined in the book above.
  10. Make the Most of the Extra Energy – I found that this treatment provided me with a ton of extra energy. Not sure what you will feel, but I suggest exercising at least once a day while doing this if you can. Also, doing some deep yoga stretches and breathing exercises will help the effectiveness of the treatment.

Overall, I am a big fan of H202 treatment and am excited to be starting round two.

Why Do H202 Therapy

There are a number of reasons you could do this therapy.

The first reason would be that you have a disease that this therapy has been shown to cure.

The second reason is that you want to prevent diseases from occurring. I plan to continue to do this therapy on an off with some regularity for preventative reasons.

Remember, disease has a hard time flourishing in an oxygen rich environment.

Whatever you reasons, wishing you all the best with your health and happiness.

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