Kriya to Fill the Ten Bodies

Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies

I met a wonderful soul, Jah, at Gratilfy this year, who was just coming off an extended practice with the Kriya to Awaken the 10 bodies, which I’ve written about a bit before.  He’s doing some amazing new america living with the land and looking to really bring out his potential with these awesome places and people.  Practicing and sitting with him inspired this kriya, which I’m calling the Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies. The Kriya generates a good amount of energy through the primary meridians and fills the auric field.  You will feel very… Read More

A Basic (Butt Kicking) Kundalini Set

A Basic Kundalini Yoga Set

For the last couple weeks I’ve been working on Kriya #1 in the great book Infinity and Me.  It’s called “A Basic Set” and it involves quite a bit of leg and core work as well as some repetitive arm movements. My last 40 day set left me wanting something a bit more active.  I literally thought, I need to be jumping up and down.  Well, what do you know, this set also includes two minutes of jumping up and down :p The namesake for the set involves lying on your back… Read More

Reflections from 2013 White Tantra Winter Solstice

Friends at 3HO White Tantra Winter Solstice

This winter solstice I took a departure from my recent trend of visiting SacBe, Mexico and signed on to do setup crew at the 3HO White Tantra Yoga Winter Solstice, and of course stay for a week of yoga and 3 days of white tantra.  I’m posting up here a few thoughts and memories that are still with me a number of weeks after leaving. I’m so glad I went early to do setup crew.  It put me in a state of service and helped me make some amazing friends. In many ways,… Read More

Teaching the Morning Sadhna Kriya

After traveling for almost a month, it was great to be in town for tonights class at the CommUnity Center.  A huge thanks to Brady for substituting for me, which is now turning into taking over most of the classes for me to accommodate my travel schedule up and down the East Coast and in and out of the country.  Another big thanks to Frank who has started to lead our group sadhna class. I chose the Kriya for Morning Sadhna for tonight for two reasons.  First, a number of the students have… Read More

A Kundalini Class for Having the Energy and Strength Sacrifice – Understanding “I that I am”

Last night at the CommUnity Center we had a great outdoor class ending a little before sundown.  We did two Kriyas: the Basic Spinal Energy Set and the Strength to Sacrifice Kriya.  To end we did the Balancing Mind and Heart Unto Infinity where we chant “So Hung.” Downloads Basic Spinal Energy Kriya Stength To Sacrifice Kriya Meditation for Balancing Mind and Heart Unto Infinity The Teaching A recurring theme came up through the class of understanding the mantras “I am that I am,” “God and Me, Me and God are One,”… Read More

40 Days of Kundalini Cleansing

Medical Meditation for Habituation and Beginners Cleansing Set Kundalini Yoga Kriya

I love when timing unfolds in a synchronic order in life.  I recently had to go out of town and miss my Monday night yoga class, something I try to do as little as possible.  Luckily my dear brother, Brady, accepted a request to lead the class.  While practicing the kriya together we decided that we would both start a 40 day Kriya meditation starting on Magnetic Monkey, the radial center of the Mayan sacred calendar, the Tzolkin. What’s really cool about this is that I started my first ever 40 day… Read More

Charge the Pituitary Glad with the Wahe Guru Kriya

Illustration of the Wahe Guru Kriya and Ek Ong Kaur Mendala

We had another great outdoor class in the back of the CommUnity center.  It’s great to see the class grow and how many people completely new to yoga land on Kundalini as their first practice! Last night we did a short warm-up: Spinal Flex Sufi Grinds Twists w hands on shoulders Lions Paw Then went through the Wahe Guru Kriya, which involves a lot of holding one position and moving the head left to right, chanting Wahe as you move left and Guru as you move right. Then we did relaxation and… Read More