These Are Good Times for Working with Electromagnetic Fields

Illustration of the Earth's Magnetic field with a Person doing Kundalini Yoga - Original illustration from

Since the 2012 Winter Solstice I have been to and taught a number of Kundalini classes working with electromagnetic fields.  I think a lot of this has to do with the shifts and activation in the sun activity and the electromagnetic magnetic field of Earth. As we put more intention and energy into the Christ Consciousness grid around the planet our own fields are becoming stronger and more connected to a much larger, communal and higher level field.  Strengthening and bringing awareness into our own field will help us attune to this…. Read More

Energy Work and Meditation On Top of the Mayan Pyramids

Illustration of a mayan pyramid with a torus energy field around it

For the month of December 2012 I had an opportunity to travel through Mexico visiting sacred sites and pyramids in preparation for being at Chichen Itza for the winter solstice. Meditating and doing energy work / yoga on top of these pyramids was a pretty amazing experience.  I found myself working with channeling energy from above down through the temple then drawing the earth energy up through the pyramid.  Once I had done this I would start doing both at the same time and create a torus with its center at the… Read More

A Simple Kriya for Self Love and Healing

After attending a class at Yoga House the other night, something opened in my sinuses and let loose a nice little cold that has been with me for a few days. I asked my teacher, Gurumukh, what she would recommend when you have a soar body and don’t feel like breath of fire would be a good idea. She suggested a simple kriya that involved oiling and warming up behind the shoulder blades and then sitting in a comfortable position doing deep breathing.  The mudra she suggested along with this was to… Read More

Whispering Your Way Into the Sound Current

Lotus Mudra Drawing with Squaring the Circle Phi Ratio Sacred Geometry

I wrote recently about how the Accessing the Knowledge of the Universe is one of my new favorite meditations.  In it you hold the lotus mudra whisper the Pavan Pavan mantra for 31 minutes.  There is something special about whispering and it’s subtle affect on your ethereal fields. In some ways I like whispering more than chanting at full volume because of it’s elegance.  I find that after a fairly short time period I am able to fold my consciousness into the current of sound and leave my body and energy lightly vibrating. Love it!  

The Relaxations Between the Movements

I had an energy worker tell me once that the most important parts of yoga were the stillnesses between the poses where the energy field resets itself. In doing a lot of Spinal Flex set recently I have realized what I different kriya it is if you really try to go deep into the multiple periods of relaxation between many of the exercises.

Chanting in a Geodesic Dome

This weekend I had a chance to do some yoga, dancing, and chanting in the geodesic dome at the Hostel in the Forest.  Although all were great, chanting was particularly amazing. For a long time I have sought out and appreciated spaces that allow you to use angles, surfaces, and shapes to enhance personal reverberation.  When you sit in the exact center of the hostel dome, it echoes the sound perfectly back to you.  When you walk around the dome you can chant at specific points in the sacred geometry of the… Read More

The Harmony of Breath and Prana

As my sensitivity to the breath and prana deepens I find I can often feel the harmony of disharmony of my energy and breath and their interrelations. Along with this has been the ability to identify the ida, pingala, and sushumna.  This has taken a few years of study, but has been well worth it as the ability to melt into this awareness has permeated my daily life as a householder.