I Do Not Believe in Miracles, I Rely on Them – My Resolution Coming To Life

I Don't Believe in Miracles, I Rely on Them Quote from Yogi Bhajan

Last year on New Years Eve, I sat at a table of family where we took turns sharing our New Years Resolution.  For me, it was to no longer believe in Miracles, but to rely on them.  This in large part came from my working with A Course of Miracles, and of just wanting to go deeper into experiencing the power of this wonderful quote I have had on my alter from some time. Well, as another famous saying goes, careful what you wish for, because it will come to you.  And wow has this… Read More

My Call for a Compassionate Community

The 3HO Foundation does Global Sadhanas several times a year, often in preparation for the Solstices or other major events in the community. On May 16th, they started a new on with a call for a compassionate community.  This really struck me for two reasons: I had been doing a Kriya to Remove Inner Anger for a while now but have not been doing a formal meditation with it besides my 40 Days with Christ from A Course of Love.  This fit perfectly. I have been wanting to call for a more compassionate community… Read More

Getting Rid of Anger with This Kundalini Yoga Kriya

Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger

Back in November I set out on an ambitious project that involved trying to do a year’s worth of work in just a few moons.  It severely backfired.  When I finally realized this I was suffering from a lot of built up anger and frustration and was so grateful to find this Kriya to “Relieve Inner Anger” from Owner’s Manual for the Human Body.   The Kriya does a lot to remove toxins that because of their density settle in the lower limbs.  It also gives you ample opportunity to “Get Your Anger Out”… Read More

Understanding and Meditating on Prosperity

Prosperity Meditation Kundalini Yoga - Prem SacBe Sat Bhagat

As my maiden voyage to motherland Indian comes to a close I have wanted to keep the elevating energy that has built and become refined internally within me.  Of the many meditations I have done while here, a particular meditation on prosperity really brought enjoyment and called me to do it for an extended period.  In searching around online for it later I came across a different meditation on prosperity that also called to me and I started working with instead (I hope to also find, at the right time, the original one I had… Read More

Kriya to Fill the Ten Bodies

Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies

I met a wonderful soul, Jah, at Gratilfy this year, who was just coming off an extended practice with the Kriya to Awaken the 10 bodies, which I’ve written about a bit before.  He’s doing some amazing new america living with the land and looking to really bring out his potential with these awesome places and people.  Practicing and sitting with him inspired this kriya, which I’m calling the Kriya to Fill the 10 Bodies. The Kriya generates a good amount of energy through the primary meridians and fills the auric field.  You will feel very… Read More

90 Days of Building Tolerance for Change, Self and Others

Kriya for Tolerance Illustration

In my last 40 day practice, I focused on the 12 original Sivananda asanas.  The hatha focus was great, but when it came time to set intentions for a new extended meditation period, I knew I wanted to bring a Kriya back into my daily practice. I needed something powerful that would quickly bring a high and active vibration at a molecular, whole field level.  This would make transitioning to breathwork (I recently started studying with a breath work practitioner) a lot easy and more effective.  From a practical perspective, something on the shorter side would let… Read More

Getting Back to the 12 Original Sivananda Asanas

12 Basic Sivananda Asanas

Since starting a Kundalini practice a number of years back, I find that everyone and a while I feel called to fall back into more of a hatha practice.  Recently I decided that my next 40 day practice would not involve a Kundalini Kriya, but rather an asana.  Synchronistically, I came across this page on the Sivananda website showing the 12 basic asanas taught in that lineage. The set is great and it feels really good to get into doing headstand and shoulder stand again each day.  I find that a few minutes in each… Read More