A Kundalini Class for Having the Energy and Strength Sacrifice – Understanding “I that I am”

Last night at the CommUnity Center we had a great outdoor class ending a little before sundown.  We did two Kriyas: the Basic Spinal Energy Set and the Strength to Sacrifice Kriya.  To end we did the Balancing Mind and Heart Unto Infinity where we chant “So Hung.” Downloads Basic Spinal Energy Kriya Stength To Sacrifice Kriya Meditation for Balancing Mind and Heart Unto Infinity The Teaching A recurring theme came up through the class of understanding the mantras “I am that I am,” “God and Me, Me and God are One,”… Read More

Charge the Pituitary Glad with the Wahe Guru Kriya

Illustration of the Wahe Guru Kriya and Ek Ong Kaur Mendala

We had another great outdoor class in the back of the CommUnity center.  It’s great to see the class grow and how many people completely new to yoga land on Kundalini as their first practice! Last night we did a short warm-up: Spinal Flex Sufi Grinds Twists w hands on shoulders Lions Paw Then went through the Wahe Guru Kriya, which involves a lot of holding one position and moving the head left to right, chanting Wahe as you move left and Guru as you move right. Then we did relaxation and… Read More

A Kundalini Class to Awaken All Chakras and Strengthen the Aura

I really love when things work the way they do.  This week I taught this class on Monday at the 729 CommUnity Center and then attended it the very next night at the Baba Siri Chand Ashram. Here is the basic set for the chakras (3 min each). With each exercise you focus on bringing the energy up to a higher chakra. Ego Eradicator Sufi Grinds Spinal Flex Spinal Flex on Heals Spinal Twist with Fingers on Shoulders Should Shrugs (2 min) Cow with Breath of Fire Cat Cow Sitting with Hands in Arc… Read More

Deep Kundalini Meditation Class at CommUnity Center 729

This Monday we had our second Kundalini Class at the CommUnity Center 729 in Orlando.  The focus of the class was preparing for and entering into deep meditation. Here is what we did: Warm up – Ego eradicator, sufi grinds, spinal flex, sitting forward bends Preparatory Exercises for Lungs, Magnetic Field, and Deep Meditation Relaxation on back Modified Basic Breath Series (download .pdf for original set) Meditation If you’re interested in doing the Kriya from class you can follow the video below from Sat Dharam Kaur N.D.

First Kundalini Class at the 729 Community Center

First I have to say a big thank you to the beautiful folks at the 729 Community Center here in Orlando.  They have an amazing house with rooms for healing, readings, meditations, a store, and a beautiful garden. I was honored when they invited me a couple weeks ago to teach a weekly Kundalini class. Last night we had our first class and I wanted to post up the set and meditation we did: Warmup – Ego eradicator, Sufi Grinds, Forward Bends, Short Meditation Set: Basic Spinal Flex Series It is said about… Read More