Salutations and Triangle Series

Today was another early rise for yoga with Hunter.  I felt more like “stretching” if you will so I went with my normal Iyengar salutation and triangle series. I was just getting into the triangle set when Hunter decided he wanted to join in on the fun so we transitioned to the floor and did some forward bends and side stretches together.

Electromagnetic Field and Heart Center Kriya

Today Hunter joined me for the 6:30am tune-in and yoga session.  I am impressed that he stayed so calm and entertained playing on his own through most of the set, although we did have to end a little early because he was getting hungry.  I noticed that when I’m in poses where I have my arms outstretched that he stares at my hands.  I really wonder to what extent he sees energy fields. The pain in my sciatic life nerve is feeling more fluid than in previous days but is still limiting… Read More

A Short Warm Up

6:30 is just not early enough for a yogi householder to rise and expect time for kriya, meditation, and study.  Got in my basic Kundalini warm-up routine and then finished up with some Sufi Grinds and rolling on the back with Hunter 🙂