Understanding and Meditating on Prosperity

Prosperity Meditation Kundalini Yoga - Prem SacBe Sat Bhagat

As my maiden voyage to motherland Indian comes to a close I have wanted to keep the elevating energy that has built and become refined internally within me.  Of the many meditations I have done while here, a particular meditation on prosperity really brought enjoyment and called me to do it for an extended period.  In searching around online for it later I came across a different meditation on prosperity that also called to me and I started working with instead (I hope to also find, at the right time, the original one I had… Read More

End Heartburn with Sitali Breathing

Kundalini Sitali Breathing Illustration

With the holidays coming up and overeating or not eating the right kinds of food, I’m reminded to share a little trick for relieving heartburn: Sitali Breathing. All you do is curl your tongue like a straw, stick your tongue out your mouth and breathe in.  You should feel a cool feeling towards the back of your tongue and throat.  When you exhale, breathe out your nose and curl your tongue to the top of your mouth.  This creates a flow of cool air in and hot air out. Just two or… Read More

How My Hatha Practice Has Changed Due to Studying Kundalini Yoga

For some reason, I have been feeling a pull to do more Hatha style yoga in my daily practice.  This started as adding a sun salutation before I tuned in and has evolved to today, where I am doing close to a full Hatha set before starting my Kriyas. I appreciate the increased stretch and space and openess that hatha brings.  I also noticed that I bring a different awareness to my Hatha practice now that I’ve been practicing Kundalini for a couple of years.  A few specific areas where I’ve noticed… Read More

Breathing for a Buzz

As I learn more about how to move breath through the body using the locks I have begun to get quite a bit of a high from deep inhalation.  I know that this is not the goal of pranayama, but it sure is a nice added benefit. I also have found that unless I keep my spine straight (or properly curved) that I have a hard time taking a full breath.  This is nice because it is a natural motivation to keep good posture throughout the day. It’s funny.  I remember when… Read More

The Harmony of Breath and Prana

As my sensitivity to the breath and prana deepens I find I can often feel the harmony of disharmony of my energy and breath and their interrelations. Along with this has been the ability to identify the ida, pingala, and sushumna.  This has taken a few years of study, but has been well worth it as the ability to melt into this awareness has permeated my daily life as a householder.