Angels and a Union with a Past Self

This evening was an amazing Kundalini class at Yoga House Studio, especially after not having been to a class in a week. Two amazing insights came during class this evening, one was when we were doing a shoulder shrugging kriya and I began to feel wings shrugging and folding and unfolding behind me and began to move into the state and feeling of an angel.  As I began to enter into this state I began to understand how I have stood before on the edges of the eternal expanse of the universe… Read More

Lots of Breath of Fire

Today I had two sessions of yoga, one in the morning and one before bed. The morning yoga started with a foot massage, as many of my morning sessions are starting with.  I’m finding that as more feeling returns to my leg I am also getting more cramps.  I often wake in the morning feeling like a foot massage will help things start flowing properly.  From there I did my normal Kundalini warm-up routine followed by savasana and some basic sitting meditation for 11 minutes. The evening yoga involved lots of breath… Read More

A Dream of Bringing Light to Dissolve Darkness

I had a dream in the lucid hours of the morning this morning that involved a spirit, or spirits, that I can best relate to the death eaters from Harry Potter. In the first part of the dream the spirit was in an annex of a house that was dark.  I was outside in the light and as I opened the door and pulled the spirit out with light, it dissolved.  Then I would stop and the spirit would sink back into the room and form again.  House dreams can often represent… Read More

A Higher Chakra Dream

By Beverly & Pack

In the morning dreaming hours today I had a dream of riding a ski lift up into a luminous mountain range of whites and purples.  There were hundreds of us and the ski lift stretched for miles. Over the top of the peak, where the lift went out of view, large luminous grey clouds with currents of rainbow energy rolled towards us.  It looked as if it was going to storm, but I called out, “I know those.”  Then the clouds rolled apart and dissolved into a sparkly aurora of lights. When… Read More