Getting Back to the 12 Original Sivananda Asanas

12 Basic Sivananda Asanas

Since starting a Kundalini practice a number of years back, I find that everyone and a while I feel called to fall back into more of a hatha practice.  Recently I decided that my next 40 day practice would not involve a Kundalini Kriya, but rather an asana.  Synchronistically, I came across this page on the Sivananda website showing the 12 basic asanas taught in that lineage. The set is great and it feels really good to get into doing headstand and shoulder stand again each day.  I find that a few minutes in each… Read More

How My Hatha Practice Has Changed Due to Studying Kundalini Yoga

For some reason, I have been feeling a pull to do more Hatha style yoga in my daily practice.  This started as adding a sun salutation before I tuned in and has evolved to today, where I am doing close to a full Hatha set before starting my Kriyas. I appreciate the increased stretch and space and openess that hatha brings.  I also noticed that I bring a different awareness to my Hatha practice now that I’ve been practicing Kundalini for a couple of years.  A few specific areas where I’ve noticed… Read More