My 3 Favorite Suppliments

My favorite supplements

As many of us know, it is tough to get all of the minerals, vitamins, probiotics, etc that we need from our food.  For this reason I would like to share my three favorite supplements for health. Note: I do not gain financially from any of the links to these products, but do encourage you purchase directly from the companies who produce them. 90 for Life – Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Our body needs about 90 different minerals, vitamins, amino building blocks, etc to function properly.  The great thing about this supplement is that it offers all of… Read More

Gaia (Gaiam TV) Is the New Spiritual Netflix

Many of you are familiar with the Yoga company,  Gaiam.  They make yoga related products like mats, props, clothing and videos.  You have probably seen their stuff for sale in Whole Foods or yoga studios. What most folks do not know is that a few years back they started an alternative media site called Gaiam TV, now just Gaia.  This site goes way beyond yoga and I have dubbed it the Spiritual Netflix.   Most of us know that we have to be conscious about what we put into our body and mind.  This includes the news we consume as… Read More

A Simple Kriya for Self Love and Healing

After attending a class at Yoga House the other night, something opened in my sinuses and let loose a nice little cold that has been with me for a few days. I asked my teacher, Gurumukh, what she would recommend when you have a soar body and don’t feel like breath of fire would be a good idea. She suggested a simple kriya that involved oiling and warming up behind the shoulder blades and then sitting in a comfortable position doing deep breathing.  The mudra she suggested along with this was to… Read More