Saraswati from Sangita Devi Kirtan in Asheville


Such a beautiful night I had with my brother Bodhi singing along with the enlightening Kirtan group Sangita Devi in Asheville, NC.  Of the several songs they played during their weekly 1 1/2 hour weekly Kirtan, this one to Saraswati stayed with me the most. As of posting we haven’t adopted a bhajan to Saraswati and I would love to integrate this one 🙂  Thank you soo much Sangita Devi!!!

Chanting in a Geodesic Dome

This weekend I had a chance to do some yoga, dancing, and chanting in the geodesic dome at the Hostel in the Forest.  Although all were great, chanting was particularly amazing. For a long time I have sought out and appreciated spaces that allow you to use angles, surfaces, and shapes to enhance personal reverberation.  When you sit in the exact center of the hostel dome, it echoes the sound perfectly back to you.  When you walk around the dome you can chant at specific points in the sacred geometry of the… Read More